SA Electrical Trade School – Electrical Courses

PCD College an Electrical trade school that offers in the shortest time basic electrical training in a two week period. We have electrical courses available whether you have any experience or not in the electrical field, we ensure that we will get you ready for your trade test and confident enough to challenge any and all electrical tasks.

We have different electrician courses available at SA Electrical School, we pride ourselves on the opportunity to better any individuals skills and through these electrical courses make sure that is achieved. 

AT SA Electrical Trade School we offer:

  • Electrical courses, Plumbing Courses, Solar Heating Course and a Heat Pump Courses and International Courses. 
  • Accommodation of the highest quality, including meals 
  • Shuttle services 
  • Weekly intakes 
  • Accreditation by Construction Ceta and City & Guilds 
  • Life skills training 


Please visit our SA Plumbing Trade School

If you would like to find out more about Our Electrical School and the Electrical Courses we have to offer, please contact us!

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